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Data Migration: Successfully Move Data to Modern Systems

From Microsoft

A recent Accenture survey of IT executives showed that 58 percent of respondents experienced two to three major IT outages over the past decade. Cloud migration can help prevent outages, increase security protections, and cut costs.

The Invero perspective

A successful move starts with thorough data migration planning. Scope, existing infrastructure and data, and the architecture of the data in a modern cloud storage space should all be considered. Further best practices include:

  • Clarity of purpose. Will migrating save cost? Improve security? Improve performance or deliverables? 
  • Awareness of constituent parts. Why should the data be migrated? What it is currently used for, and which staff will be involved in the transition?
  • The nuts and bolts of moving. In addition to the timing of your move, where will data will go once moved, and how it will be migrated?
  • Cloud governance. Set up good governance practices from the beginning.
Check and then double-check before starting a cloud migration. Be methodical.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will your cloud be. It is a process, and you are wise to prepare for a transition over time.

Another aspect of moving that concerns IT professionals is the potential for data loss. Yet that is why it’s important to migrate to a platform that can handle your data storage needs–like Azure.

What you should do next

  1. Invest in Data Migration Testing in advance of triggering a move. This testing is essentially a health assessment on the fitness and integrity of apps and data in the cloud. It considers migration cost, risks, business value, and transfer complexity, and identifies any snares or pitfalls that may take you by surprise.
  2. Create an inventory of your infrastructure, apps and data. Having a complete accounting provides a roadmap for migration. Once established, continue with a close analysis of what is moving where and why. Doing so will help to lower the risks and headaches through the transition.
  3. Learn with us in a hands-on workshop!

A clear idea of what is to be achieved and why will help keep you on track and help ensure your move is as smooth and effective as can be. It protects your data while minimizing costs and needless diversions.