The Meaning Behind our Name

Innovation is in our DNA

Invero combines the word Innovation with the Latin word Vero meaning “true” or “real.” Together, they speak to the act of transforming reality and cultivating innovation. Therefore, making the change from BlueSilverShift to Invero was so natural to us.


Consistently Bringing Value

Why Forward-Thinking Companies Choose Invero

  • Leading digital advisory
  • Robust partner ecosystem
  • Trusted by Microsoft
  • Advanced technical expertise
  • In-depth understanding of your business and your industry
  • Knowledge of how to leverage technology to maximize value, innovate and compete
Man conducts business using tablet enabled by application and infrastructure modernization

Through our strategic digital solutions, we partner with your business to improve your ability to innovate, scale and lead.

We have the experience and approach to help you build what’s possible.

  • Approach

Delivering Successful Business Results Together


To us, true collaboration means investing the time to understand your challenges and opportunities fully. Consequently, it allows us to gain deeper insights and adapt our approach for more impactful results.


We bridge the gap between technology and business. Focusing on your business goals above all, we base our digital solutions on equipping your organization for your industry’s future.


We pride ourselves on delivering substantial, strategic outcomes. Moreover, we foster accountability and ownership on our mission to power your business growth, performance and digital transformation.


The People Driving Our Innovation and Growth

Our Story Throughout the Years

  • 2010

    In the beginning, founders start leveraging the cloud and form their first technology company delivering software as a service (SaaS) applications to the market.

  • 2013

    Then, it was the launch of a second SaaS application

  • 2016

    Next, BlueSilverShift is formed in Vancouver as a digital services provider, focusing on leveraging Azure public cloud infrastructure services available in Canadian regions.

  • 2017

    Following, the portfolio of services expands to include DevOps, application modernization and security.

    Later, the First Microsoft Silver competency.

  • 2018

    After, we became the Winner of the Canadian Cloud Partner of the Year.

    Later, the First Microsoft Gold competency.

  • 2019

    Then, we became the Winner of Microsoft’s prestigious Azure Partner of the Year award and Runner Up for Data Innovation Award.

    Therefore, expanded offices to include Calgary.

  • 2020

    Also, expanded offices to include Toronto.

    Later, we were selected as Canada’s 12 partners to participate in exclusive Microsoft cloud programs.

    Finally, we achieved our 7th Microsoft competency and 1st Microsoft Advanced Specialization.

Careers at Invero

Want to shape the future of business? You belong with us.