Azure Immersion Workshop: Infrastructure Migration Sign-up


May 27, 2021 9:00am – 5:00pm PST

You get the most out of Microsoft cloud services when you migrate your applications and on-premises server infrastructures to the cloud. The Azure Immersion Workshop: Infrastructure Migration brings you up to speed on landing zones, why they’re important, and how to design and implement them for your own migrations.

Who should attend: IT pros (TDMs, IT implementers, IT administrators), developers, and architects

Key topics to be covered at the event:

  • Learn how to confidently migrate on-premises infrastructures to Azure.
  • Go beyond technical aspects with additional guidance on cloud adoption frameworks.
  • Participate in two hands-on labs focused on Windows, SQL, and Linux migration.
  • Gain confidence in the cloud with Azure.

After the workshop, Invero can help you get started on your cloud migration journey.

We have an access to a number of free resources, including:

Take an Azure Foundations assessment to help understand your infrastructure estate and determine the next best workload for your Azure migration.

Engage Invero to deliver a Cloud Adoption Framework Workshop.

Speak with Invero to learn how we can leverage the Azure Migration Program to deploy your first cloud infrastructure architecture.