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Azure – Streamline your cloud footprint & sustain your investment

Is cloud computing beneficial in terms of cost savings?  In many situations, the answer could be yes, but cost is not the only variable to measure the success of your cloud adoption.  There are other factors such as agility (improved time to market) and scalability (infinite capacity for growth) to also consider.  However, to ensure that you achieve a cost effective cloud deployment it is important that you leverage a Customer-Centric Cloud Business Partner that can help you to reduce your IT expenses while maximizing your investment in Microsoft Azure. But the question is, which services apply to your company? The following is a brief overview of what may be relevant to your business.

Enable remote work anywhere and ensure productivity

You can rapidly scale up and expand virtual desktops using Windows Virtual Desktop to guarantee that users have access to the desktops and apps they need to work from anywhere. There is no need to provide additional hardware. Windows Virtual Desktop provides the greatest virtual desktop experience for Windows 10 and Office 365, including multi-session support. You only pay for the infrastructure you use, and you can save on costs by shutting off devices when they are not in use.

The cloud can assist you in cleaning up manual inefficiencies. Suppose your office has numerous tower computers. They’re each only utilizing a fraction of their entire resources while they’re running independently. If you could access storage and computing power via the cloud, your firm may be more efficient. Your employees’ workflow will improve, and you’ll have less hardware to replace in the long run as a result. 

Customizable solutions for maximum efficiency 

Some organizations could decide that some operations are too unique to warrant the price of a customized application and the related infrastructure investment(s) in Azure. Cloud providers can simplify difficult-to-automate business operations with cloud technologies in certain instances. Using Web App Modernization, cloud experts can adjust modern software programs to fit an organization’s particular requirements and cover various processes.

Maintain business continuity to avoid costly disruptions

Many businesses are reviewing their backup and disaster recovery plan to ensure that data and apps are completely secured from business disruptions. Can they back up files regularly? How frequently does it run? Also, how easy is it to recover deleted data from storage devices? Regular backups may be automated with cloud technologies. Invero’s Azure backup alerts, restores and quarterly disaster recovery testing effortlessly helps customers to back up data to the cloud and build cloud-based replication, failover, and recovery procedures. Invero’s Azure Managed Serviceinclude Cloud Spend Budgeting & Management with a quarterly business review to keep you up to speed on where your money is going.

Start saving with Invero’s Azure Managed Services today 

Cloud migration is being accelerated by organizations to decrease capital investment, increase cost savings, and accelerate time to value. Furthermore, through Azure Migration, Invero assists clients to decrease migration expenses and expedite their migration journey by providing migration tools, guidance, and best practices.

What distinguishes Invero in terms of its financial framework?

“Unlike lumpy big system sales in the traditional world, we do not need to adjust our revenue and commission structure to accommodate cloud subscription-based streams.”

Craig Slack, Co-founder and CEO of Invero

Invero’s Azure Managed Services can monitor and analyze cloud expenditure, create budget and spending alerts, and manage cloud expenses across teams. With tailored advice for every case, Invero can assist in optimizing cloud resource use. We are here to help you with tools and best practices to help you streamline your cloud footprint, sustain your investment in Azure and fulfill your technical and business goals.