Remote Work is Here to Stay

Enable Your Remote Workforce

Invero’s Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) Enablement sets your organization up for a modern approach to delivering Windows 10 multi-session to your users from the Cloud.

The solution combines on-site workshops with analysis of your current virtual desktop requirements in order to develop a comprehensive governance model and rapidly implement a pilot to begin testing and operationalizing your new VDI environment.

Solution Deliverables

The Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) Enablement solution results in an operational Pilot that will accelerate your WVD goals. The solution includes:

  • WVD workshop
  • Alignment of WVD Pilot to your Governance
  • WVD Pilot Environment Deployment
  • WVD Operationalization
  • Training, coaching and support

The Process

  • Our Azure Consultants and Microsoft Specialists outline the engagement goals, timeline and roles and responsibilities
  • A WVD deep dive delivered through a recorded Teams meeting to outline product features, capabilities
  • Stakeholder Interviews and a collaborative workshop, to define business motivations, use cases, value articulation and where WVD can accelerate your application delivery
  • Creation of a secure WVD pilot in the customers environment, along with setup and management training
  • We are here to support you for any WVD questions you may have during the pilot

Customer Examples

Client Stories about Windows Virtual Desktop

Read about the successes that we’ve had with our clients that we’ve helped along their remote work and desktop modernization journey.

David Greekas
Senior Solutions Architect

We substantially automated the process of updating and deploying WVD Pool system images. Our WVD pools are also now dynamic and auto-scale with the number of users active on the system and fully shut down at night. This is a significantly more cost-efficient configuration than running the servers 24/7.

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Aritzia Logo

Remote Workforce Enablement with WVD to address COVID-19

In a short period of time, Invero was able to enable Aritzia to quickly enable their call center workforce to continue operations without needing to come into the office. The solution implemented was Microsoft’s Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) running on Azure.
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