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Reduce Data Storage and Maintenance Costs Using Azure Cloud

Where Should I Store Data?

On-premise data centres result in ongoing costs and maintenance that take away from business innovation. Many businesses are unaware that data can be stored off-site and on cloud platforms that are fully secure, more convenient and cost effective. Cloud storage services such as Azure Cloud provide a trustworthy platform to house and grow data long-term.

What Are the Benefits of Azure Cloud? 

Azure Cloud Services offer many advantages for data storage, such as:

  • Security — provides stronger security than on-premise data centres
  • Convenience — manages data related needs and provides solutions 
  • Scalability — accommodates data at any size
  • Accessibility — delivers data to be accessible from any location
  • Cost – reduces storage and maintenance costs

Azure Cloud Services is used by 70% of organizations worldwide that have decided to migrate their data to the cloud. Vancouver based company iQmetrix partnered with Invero to plan their data migration to Azure Cloud and modernize their workflows. They were able to move 600 virtual machines, stored on 3 physical data centres, to the cloud and develop effective workflows for long-term success.

“We started our Cloud migration journey with Invero; we could not have asked for a better partner; their hands-on approach, the way they listened and adapted to our needs were the key points to our success,” stated an iQmetrix Director.

How Do I Migrate Data to The Cloud?

Data migration is a multi-step process that requires thorough planning, time, and expertise to execute. These steps include:

  • Defining migration goals
  • Establishing success criteria
  • Determining the necessary cloud services
  • Selecting automation tools
  • Choosing a migration strategy
  • Preparing a backup system
  • Migrating data

During data migration, businesses need to choose the right Azure products and services to optimize their data flows. The Azure cloud platform encompasses over 200 cloud services and products that are catered to specific processes and business needs. Cloud consultants provide the necessary expertise to successfully execute data migration to the cloud.

If you are unsure about how to migrate your data to the cloud and need assistance with this process, Invero can guide you to the best solutions for your migration. Contact us and start your digital transformation today!