iQmetrix is one of the largest providers of retail software and point-of-sale solutions for specialty retail markets in North America.
Headquarters:  Vancouver, Canada
Retail locations served:  20,000+
Transactions processed:  Over 90 million yearly


Moving to the Cloud to Achieve Maximum Business Potential

iQmetrix needed a cloud-based solution that would enable them to:

iQmetrix needed a cloud-based solution that would enable them to:

  • Quickly move their nearly 600 virtual machines across 3 physical data centres to the cloud
  • Reconcile two operating environments that were running side-by-side: on-premise data centres and Azure for newer applications
  • Leverage modern cloud-native toolsets to move away from traditional data centre processes
  • Modernize their practices with Azure and commit to no longer buying hardware
  • Benefit from earlier investments in hardware that still had useful economic life


Ensuring a Solid Foundation to the iQmetrix Cloud Journey

Our Approach
  • Conduct a cloud strategy and economic assessment of their three on-premise data centres to determine the migration approach.
  • Assess the existing Azure environment to identify opportunities for cost, security and operational optimizations.
  • Develop a multi-year roadmap for their cloud journey with short-, medium- and long-term business objectives.
  • Provide guidance on the planning and architecture of the data centre migration.
  • Modernize their DevOps approaches to leverage automation.
  • Support the execution of the roadmap and strategy.


A Modern Cloud Environment That Provides Real Value

$50,000 Estimated Yearly Savings

The Azure Audit identified ways to simplify the organization’s Azure consumption licensing that allows iQmetrix to optimize their investment in the cloud.

Leveraging Invero’s Network of Partners

Our strong relationship with Microsoft and Ingram Micro enabled us to offer iQmetrix a competitive solution that made their business case compelling. Our combined expertise also provided the support they needed to plan and execute their cloud migration.

Delivering Digital Optimization Services and Practical Solutions

To carry out this digital initiative, we used our Digital Foundation Toolset to provide iQmetrix with:

  • An Azure Audit to analyze and compare their Azure environment with best practices to identify:
    • Opportunities for cost savings
    • Potential security improvements
    • Operational efficiency improvements
  • An economic assessment on the data centre migration to analyze and determine:
    • Optimal workload sizing and requirements
    • Workload profiles
    • Estimated operating costs
  • A cloud roadmap and strategy that includes:
    • Workshops and interviews to get alignment on their existing challenges and environment
    • Prioritizing and mapping recommendations
    • A comprehensive report for the execution of the multi-year cloud adoption strategy
  • Continuing expert guidance and assistance with Azure architecture and data centre migration