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Getting the Right Support for Your Azure Cloud Migration

The cloud is a technology that is tough to manage and even harder to grasp. Different clouds are designed to fulfill different business requirements demanding a custom digital strategy. As a result, a rising number of businesses are turning to their own Managed Cloud Service Provider for guidance and ongoing managed services. Because working with an MCSP will help prevent cost overruns, resource sprawl, and security holes.

What will you receive with a Managed Cloud Service Provider?

1. Optimized costs 

On-site infrastructure has several costs, many of which are obscure and hidden. According to estimates, a business can save up to 30-50% of its expenses by utilizing cloud-based infrastructure. Using a managed cloud service provider’s expertise to combine the best offers from different suppliers results in significant savings while not squandering resources or over provisioning demand. Many companies find they cannot achieve the savings mentioned in the Forbes article when moving to the cloud and this is often due to a lack of skills and experience around how to efficiently govern and manage the cloud resources. This is where an MCSP can truly shine and help you to achieve those goals.

Furthermore, if done incorrectly, cloud migration might result in considerably increased infrastructure expenses. Although cloud-based resources are limitless, the firm must pay for every piece of storage and compute resources that are configured even if they are not fully utilized. Given this, any errors in infrastructure design will have a significant cost impact. And it’s best to leave it to the experts, especially if you don’t have any onboard.

2. Governance

Unused space, under-utilized compute, and unregulated storage expansion have plagued businesses since the dawn of IT, weighing them down financially and creating security holes. When companies neglect to decommission unnecessary cloud computing resources, this results in resource sprawl. Sprawl affects resource management and security by making it almost impossible to keep track of all the services that run in your business, in addition to raising cloud operating costs. 

While resource sprawl can lead to out-of-control expenses, the labour required to draw it in can be even more demanding. Working with a managed cloud service provider that offers Azure Governance allows your organization to seek the help of third-party experts to obtain insights, tools, guidance, and assistance on implementing a business-focused cloud strategy.

3. Security

Contrary to popular belief, cloud-based infrastructure is more reliable than on-premises technology. Gartner predicts that by 2022, at least 95% of cloud data breaches will be the customer’s fault. Knowing this, selecting the right partner to deploy a cloud strategy may be vital in achieving one of the most secure hardware architectures ever built. 

+ Complementary services: Backup & disaster recovery

Cloud computing is more than just replacing physical infrastructure and providing on-demand computing power. Cloud providers are striving to deliver more value-added services to distinguish themselves and gain a competitive edge that serves their customers. Backup and disaster recovery are also provided via the cloud. Cloud service providers help their clients by offering a backup option for unneeded data during routine operations. Moreover, the continuous cloud backup process enables organizations to quickly recover from disaster, whether it be a natural disaster, a major cybercrime or a small human error. In short, the cloud can help to improve your business continuity plans.

So, do you know how to integrate and apply the best practices so that everything runs smoothly? A managed cloud service provider will know.

Get the support you need from an MCSP

Various difficulties may be avoided from the source with good planning, strategic cloud adoption, and migration procedures. Working with a managed cloud provider is an additional advantage in assisting your organization in addressing resource sprawls without tearing a hole in your budget or security wall. 

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