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Azure Management – Outsource or In-house?

What is Azure Management?

Azure Management is a service that continuously monitors, maintains, and improves your Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure to adhere to best practices that meet governance, security and cost management requirements. These tasks can be very daunting to anyone who is new to the cloud or for companies who don’t have the in-house skills and expertise that the cloud demands.  You don’t have to do it yourself to benefit from all of Azure’s capabilities in a cost effective and secure manner, Invero can help with a fully managed service that gives you access to our 11 years of cloud experience so that you can sleep at night knowing you are covered.

Azure Managed Services from Invero helps you to alleviate the pressure of managing a complex cloud infrastructure environment by delivering comprehensive services and other supplemental offerings, allowing companies to adopt the cloud without causing havoc in your IT department because we partner with you to co-manage the environment. 

Is your existing service provider thinking about your cloud journey? Traditional Microsoft Service Providers offer hardware and have little motivation to assist you in moving to the cloud. They generally lack the necessary abilities, and it is neither in their best interests nor part of their business strategy.

You may keep them for your hardware needs (equipment / on-premises) but use Invero’s Azure Managed Services to accelerate and succeed in your cloud journey.

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Why it Makes Sense to Outsource the Complexities of Managing the Cloud to Professionals


1. Saves Time 

The first and most apparent advantage of outsourcing Azure Management is time savings. The Microsoft cloud, like any hyper-scale cloud infrastructure, necessitates regular maintenance and consistent monitoring. Most IT employees are still pressed for time, scrambling to react to on premises support requirements while balancing broader infrastructure programs and projects. 

Furthermore, organizations that migrate from on-premises infrastructures to the cloud save twice as much time so IT teams can skip network oversight duties and prioritize transformative internal projects that can drive the enterprise forward. 

2. Professional Skills: “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.” 

According to a Microsoft report, more than one-third of companies worldwide are having difficulty finding IT staff with the required cloud experience. Additional preparation to up skill your team is a realistic option, but it depletes the budget and takes time, plus you risk investing in staff to train them up only to have them leave and take those skills to another employer. Furthermore, many internal IT teams actually do not have the capabilities to meaningfully hone their cloud credentials (Source).  

By working with a partner like Invero, you have access to a breadth of experience across our bench of experts that will ensure you do not have a single point of failure or risk losing knowledge of your environment when someone leaves.  Invero continuously invests in its people and as a company we are 100% employee owned, so there is real accountability and longevity in our employees.

3. Backing up & Securing Your Precious Data 

Monitoring is essential for companies with cloud-based backend systems, as hackers of all stripes are actively looking for ways to infiltrate business networks and cause disruption or steal confidential information. Microsoft partners like Invero will help Azure users prepare for and protect against any of these issues. 

Organizations looking to implement Microsoft Azure would be prudent to partner with a reputable Microsoft service provider that provides skilled resources that are difficult to reproduce in-house. 

4. Saves Money 

Working with a Managed Service Provider (MSP) has long been known to provide economies of scale for organizations wanting to reduce costs in managing their IT assets when compared with building your own team to do so.  Skilled cloud engineers and architects are in extremely high demand at the moment and as a result they are commanding extremely high salaries due to the laws of economics (supply and demand).  In addition to this, turnover in these resources is higher than average, so hiring your own in-house staff to manage your Azure environment becomes a costly endeavour that may require continuously hiring and training.  

A cloud focused MSP such as Invero is able to pass on those economies of scale by leveraging its team across multiple clients, thereby providing the best skilled people across the many skill areas that the cloud demand, including DevOps, Cloud Infrastructure, Application Modernization, Application Development, Data and Analytics, and Security.  To build a team with this breadth of skills in-house may require a much larger IT investment than required with a purely on premises IT environment.

What’s next? 

Microsoft service providers, like Invero, are the only viable options here. We employ expert Azure implementation, servicing, and compliance professionals who spend a significant amount of time exploring, training, and working onthe platform and finding new ways to produce a return on investment for consumers. 

Is your company ready to weave Microsoft Azure into your strategy and looking for a proven implementation and support partner? Invero has a comprehensive Azure managed services package that includes everything from planning your infrastructure migration architecture to security monitoring and aid. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we can setup and manage an Azure tenant that will help your company Scale, Compete and Lead. Connect with Invero today to learn more.