A dog lying down on an office couch.
 /  Anita Gunn

Dogs in the Office are a GOOD THING and Here’s Why:

Plus, the Exclusive Story of the Invero Dogs

Dogs in the office: Bolt (Chief barketing Officer at Invero)
Bolt | Chief Barketing Officer at Invero

4 Reasons Why Dogs in the Office is Great

  1. I am more focused on my tasks as my mind isn’t wandering to worry about the dogs and if the neighbours will be writing letters of complaint
  2. Having the dogs in the office with me at work also forces me to get outside to walk them at lunch time rain or shine, which is always a good way to clear your head and get perspective on an issue or list of tasks
  3. They are always a great topic of conversation for anyone who stops in the office
  4. They are great company on my long Highway 1 drive home although, unfortunately, do not qualify for me to use the HOV lane

3 Things to Consider Before Bringing Dogs in the Office:

  1. When getting in the elevator that is already occupied, I always ask if the people are ok with dogs in the office, if not we catch the next one (and we are not offended!)
  2. The dogs in the office know is not their home, they do not bark at people when they come into the office as they are not protecting the office
  3. Ensure all my co-workers are ok with dogs, if anyone wasn’t then I would stop bringing them in as it is a work environment first and foremost

The Story of How Bolt Became the Chief Barketing Officer at Invero

The story starts 8 years ago. I had just bought a house and started working from home 100% of the time. It was time to get a puppy! We had wanted a dog for a long time, and now all the stars had aligned, a very exciting time. We started our search for a young dog or puppy to rescue and got in contact with a person who had rescued a litter of border collie puppies, he sent the pictures and we were hooked.

When we got to the house there were only two puppies left in the litter of 6 or 7. Well how do you pick between two adorable puppies and split them up? You don’t. You bring them both home with you of course.

Bolt and Rev circa 2011

The dogs followed me everywhere, and for 7.5 years I can’t recall a time when these two were every apart. When they were 5 years old Rev, the black and white, was diagnosed with a seizure disorder and we lived with that for about 2.5 years, until one night he had a seizure that didn’t stop. We had to have him put down as the damage to his brain was severe due to the prolonged nature of the seizure. We were all very heart broken, but after some time, you learn to move on.

Step forward 6 months later and I have a fantastic opportunity to move jobs, the new job will have me splitting my time between the office in Vancouver and my home office, it’s a great opportunity and I jump at it.

It was a position with an amazing company called Invero!

As I go off to the office, Bolt, the brown and white, starts howling the place down! Now he’s always been a barker when someone comes to the door, but he’s never been a howler. Anyone who knows Bolt or has met him along our walks or afternoons at the ball diamonds, will tell you he is as mellow as they come. His worst offence is licking bare legs of unsuspecting people who happen to be wearing shorts or a skirt.

What am I going to do? I have a new job that I want to excel at but every time I leave my dog at home, he howls like his heart is breaking! In my first review we are discussing the transition and what’s working and what isn’t, and I say, “I never thought I would worry about my dog so much!” Craig doesn’t bat an eye; he says, “Bring him to the office!” I was shocked to say the least. I think about it, and a few weeks later we try it, and Bolt is the best office dog I could have every imagined. I explain to people that I am his emotional support person.

In December of 2018 we brought home a new puppy, and while Bolt certainly wasn’t fond of him at first, they are now both doing great and Merlin also comes to hang out at the office now he is getting bigger and house trained! I love having them around at work and not having to worry about them if I have longs days or get caught in traffic. They get left at home together if I am going to visit a client or have various meetings in a day, but for the most part when I go into the office they come along. Leaving Merlin at home with Bolt seems to have stopped the heart break howl as well!

Merlin – Lounging at Invero

Bolt is now our “Chief Barketing Officer” and Merlin is the intern in training. We have no doubt that these additions to our team here at Invero will continue to make us all more productive and help us grow.