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Big Data for your Business – Azure Machine Learning

Importance of Big Data For Your Business: 

Big Data is a synthesis of all methods and resources related to massive data sets’ use and management. The Big Data idea was born out of the desire to understand habits, tastes, and patterns in the vast database created as people communicate with each other in various systems. Why leverage big data for your business? 

  1. Cost savings. Extensive data systems offer major cost savings when it comes to maintaining vast volumes of data – plus, they can find more effective ways to do business. 
  1. Precise decision-making. With the speed of in-memory analysis combined with the potential to evaluate new data sources, companies can quickly analyze information – and make critical choices for their business based on what they have found. 
  1. New products and services. With the opportunity to measure consumer desires and loyalty by leveraging analytics comes the power to offer consumers what they want. With big data analytics, more businesses are developing new services or products to satisfy consumers’ demands. 
  1. Breaking down data silos.  Within organizations data is often spread between disparate systems and it is difficult to combine these data sources into a single view to make important business decisions from.  By breaking down these silos and combining data from multiple sources into a big data environment produces insights that companies would not have had otherwise. 

Using Big Data is vital for many leading firms to outperform the competition and provides an exceptional way to maximize market share and revenue. In several markets, new entrants and existing rivals use data-driven techniques to compete, capture and innovate. In reality, you will find evidence of the use of Big Data in almost every field, from IT to healthcare. Using AI such as Machine Learning in combination with your Big Data can take you one step further towards maximizing market share and increasing revenue. 

Azure Machine Learning: 

Azure Machine Learning is a fully managed cloud-based environment used to train, deploy, automate, and manage machine learning models at scale. By using machine learning, processors learn without being precisely programmed. Forecasts or predictions from machine learning can make apps and devices more intelligent. For example, machine learning helps recommend other products you might want based on what you’ve bought when you shop online. 

Dark Data: Why Data You Don’t Know About Will Define Your Business 

If you have data stored but have not leveraged or analyzed it for forward-looking decisions, it’s called Dark Data. We have talked about Dark Data and its implications in a podcast for a Halloween special, and we’re bringing it back. 

There is a growing gap between large and small companies because larger companies invest in intangible assets like Big Data, doing research and development where the smaller/medium-sized companies don’t have the budget. Big Data is at the heart of larger companies to be able to leapfrog and maintain their dominance. Only the companies that can evolve from small to medium/large companies are leveraging and taking advantage of their data. 

Start Now 

There is all this value in your data. Fully understand your opportunities in leveraging your data. Don’t wait for the future. It’s already been happening for ten years. Start training on your local machine and then scale out to the cloud. For more information, reach us today. 

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