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Azure Carlsberg: Modernize a centuries old country

Carlsberg clinks beer glasses together to cheer
Image by Microsoft

Carlsberg Group understands beer, and it has 171 years of experience to back it up. The business, located in Copenhagen, Denmark, has a compelling culture of invention, and that pioneering attitude applies to IT as well. The business realises the need of completely embracing the cloud and has done so by moving its datacenters, apps, and whole SAP estate to Microsoft Azure. Carlsberg gains the scale, agility, and flexibility it requires to achieve its extensive digital plan with Azure.

The migration to the cloud was more about the mindset in the organization and that transformation we needed to do in IT to become the driver of change in the company instead of maintaining the old. A big part of the migration was to reinvent the digital for the company. 

Mark Dajani: CIO, Carlsberg Group

Transforming your business to meet modern demands is not an easy task. At Invero, we want to give you the tools to ensure your organization is up to speed. Carlsberg Group uses Azure to modernize and merge its 140-brewery empire.

You can transform and enhance your business in the same way using the same tools as Carlsberg at an affordable price. Watch this video and contact us to find out more.