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Windows Server 2008: Extended Security with Azure

Move to the Cloud

Now is the time to move to Azure and reap the rewards of cloud technology. Gain the ability to scale up or down quickly, pay only for what you use, and save on compute power. Whether you’re deploying new virtual machines, moving a few workloads, or migrating your data centers as part of your hybrid cloud strategy, the Azure Hybrid Benefit provides big savings with Windows Server 2008 licenses as you move to the cloud.

  1. Relocate: You may transfer your virtual machines to Azure. You will receive three years of Extended Security Updates at no additional cost if you choose this option.
  2. Enhance: To benefit from increased innovation, security, and support, upgrade to a newer version of Windows Server OS.
  3. Accept the danger: While the Server will continue to function beyond January 14, 2020, it will make your system more exposed to new attacks.

Extended Security Offer: Windows Server 2008

Moving your Windows Server licenses to Azure has never been more timely and economical. With the new extended security offer, move your Windows Server 2008/R2 licenses to Azure and receive three years of extended security protection free! With new capabilities enabling migration to Azure combined with unparalleled deals of free extended security updates and Azure Hybrid Benefits there has never been a better time to move to Azure.

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