/  Clare Marriot

Why Businesses Should Let it RAIN

Not everyone will welcome the rain (especially if you’re from Vancouver). However, if I were to expand a bit and tell you that I’m talking about the acronym RAIN (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Networks), then all IT people will want it!

RAIN is a simple but very effective concept:

We configure 2 Inexpensive Internet connections from 2 ISPs into a single connection to Internet. The result is that we get a High Availability Load Balancing connection to Internet.

Why is High Availability so important you ask?

As more organizations move to the Cloud (with practically zero servers on premises) they are solely dependent on having a reliable Internet connection for their business.

If the Internet connection goes down their business applications stop working. An unstable internet connection that goes out of service at any time is more than just a little inconvenience; it can be a serious hindrance to everyday living. A dependable internet connection is just as vital as keeping the lights on in this new age of working remotely. But with RAIN, if one ISP goes down, connections will automatically switch to the available ISP and users will not even notice.

RAIN and ISPs (2 of them) diagram connecting to one router then that router connected to a switch which then that switch is connected to 3 computers: Redundant Array of Inexpensive Networks

This setup is inexpensive to maintain but yes there is a one-time setup cost. The savings and advantages of switching to the cloud outweigh the costs if done right.