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Invero Celebrates its 5th Anniversary!

Did you know that the first modern cloud infrastructure service was only launched in the market 15 years ago? As a result, 5 years in the cloud service industry is a significant milestone! And Invero is only getting started. 

Our story throughout the years

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We began as BlueSilverShift in 2016 and have evolved into who we are now. All of this is possible because of you — our clients, partners, and the Invero team. For 5 years, we stayed firm to our core values and etched our impact onto the business world. Throughout the epidemic, we remained solid while helping other businesses transform. And it is because of you, we were also able to transform ourselves. 

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“I can’t believe we’ve been at it for five years already. I guess it’s true what they say that time flies when you’re having fun! I couldn’t imagine a better set of clients and team to be working with. They truly have made the last 5 years a lot of fun because we’ve done so many exciting engagements with clients around their Azure environments. Everything from lift and shift migrations to Application Modernization, Data and Analytics and even Azure DevOps. I am working in my dream job!”

CEO and Co-Founder of Invero, Craig Slack

We’ve come a long way since then and we’ve enjoyed every step of the journey. From grounding our roots in Vancouver to the solid foundation we currently have, our network of valued members has grown exponentially throughout Canada. We hope you will remain connected over the next five years since we have a lot more in store for you. Get ready, world.

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You can have your dream job too if you come join the Invero team. We’re always looking to hire the best cloud experts around to meet the demand that we have from our many awesome clients. Follow us on LinkedIn for news on Azure and updates on starting your career at Invero.