SitePro benefits from the cost savings and efficiencies of Microsoft Azure
 /  Invero

Innovation and Modernization with Microsoft Azure

There are many examples of innovation using Microsoft Azure (like SitePro), and Invero is here to work with your business to leverage the power of the cloud.

“We realized we were leaving too many good ideas on the side,” Aaron Phillips, President and CEO, SitePro.

The ability to innovate is what separates successful long-term businesses from the pack. However, a company can have all the game-changing innovative ideas globally. Still, it won’t do them any good unless implemented.

SitePro is a software platform that supports oil and gas facilities. They recognized to power the kind of data collection and usage they imagined, they needed to switch from local infrastructure to a scalable cloud service. Thus, they found the solution they were looking for in Microsoft Azure.

Now, they alone can provide data services that usually require multiple companies to perform. They are passing on those benefits in cost savings and efficiencies to their customers.

Interested in what innovations you might achieve with Azure on your side?