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Ecolab and Microsoft Cloud: Conserving water with data

Ecolab researchers are saving our most valuable resource–water–by using Azure. Ecolab assisted organizations all around the world in conserving water last year, saving almost 140 billion gallons, which is enough to give drinking water to 500 million people. Using Azure on-demand infrastructure, your company can also benefit from per-minute invoicing, lower IT and datacenter expenses, and re-engineer processes to save money. Providing more value through the speed and convenience of adding more capacity.

It’s really a ‘virtuous cycle’ with less water, better results, and much lower operating costs. Because ultimately, our customers want to be good corporate citizens and to do something for the community. 

-Christophe Beck, Executive Vice President and President at Nalco Water, an Ecolab company

According to the United Nations’ 2015 World Water Development Report, by 2030, demand would outstrip supply by over 40%, putting two-thirds of the world’s population in jeopardy due to a lack of freshwater. Under pressure to operate more sustainably, governments and companies throughout the world are turning to Ecolab for assistance. The company safeguards important resources by assisting businesses in achieving net-zero water consumption (creating things using eternally recycled water) and giving more people access to clean water.

Using Azure, researchers at Ecolab are preserving our most precious resource–water. With over 140 billion gallons of water saved last year, Ecolab helped organizations all over the globe to conserve. Azure has the power to do the same for your organization. No matter your industry, Azure Cost Management can help you manage and optimize cloud spend during your migration, making it easy for your business to afford the cloud. At Invero, we want to help. Contact us today.