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Cloud Benefits. Protect Your Data.

What matters more than data protection? Nothing. With your customers’ data in the Azure cloud, they gain not only agility, cost savings (up to 50 percent), and competitive advantage — but also the benefits of built-in backup, disaster recovery, and security.

So while Microsoft Azure helps speed your customers’ digital transformation and fuels their business growth, it also gives them that most valuable of benefits: peace of mind, knowing their data is safe in the cloud. Maybe that’s why 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies trust the Azure cloud.

What are the advantages of cloud computing?

This article covers the advantages provided to organizations that implement cloud computing services for enhanced effectiveness through technology.

At the top of the list of benefits are scalability and flexibility; other benefits include pay-as-you-go pricing models, security, and the opportunity for companies to focus on their core business model rather than management of the environment.

Learn why efficiency is the name of the game in the entrepreneurial world and why many high-growth businesses are utilizing cloud-based infrastructure from the start! This article was originally posted on Inc.com.

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Is your current IT infrastructure resilient?

Do you have high availability of hardware and datacentres? Does it provide you with uninterrupted service? At Invero, we know how to help you create the resilient cloud-based infrastructure you need.

Maintaining acceptable continuous performance is easy with Azure. With disaster recovery protection against loss through services such as Azure Site Recovery and geo-redundant storage (GRS), you can be sure your data is protected.


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