/  Clare Marriot

Azure Seahawks: How they use data to for their rehab process

The Seattle Seahawks ready to play football
Image from GeekWire

This week, Azure shows versatility by providing insights from rehabilitation workouts with the Seattle Seahawks.

DaShawn Shead knows what it takes to be a champion. He also knows what it’s like to face obstacles. But being a champion isn’t enough. To continue winning, you must put in more effort.

DaShawn Shead and the Seattle Seahawks may gather more data using Microsoft Azure, providing a new degree of insight into performance. Sustained performance necessitates the capacity to monitor and manage metrics in order to assure improvement. DaShawn and the Seahawks are better able to follow progress from recovery to the field because to Azure’s observations and analyses. The player health team is no longer speculating about progress; using data and insights from Azure, they can make performance-based diagnoses. This improves the players’ health and helps them to play better.With the cloud-based computing power of Azure, DaShawn and the Seahawks work to gain an edge through the performance-driven metrics and insights provided during rehabilitation workout sessions.

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