Data Center Modernization Webinar


Are you wondering about renewing your existing data center contract, or do you have an upcoming server hardware refresh that you’re dreading? Why do things in the old way by hosting yourself or in a co-lo facility? Instead, consider modernizing by migrating your workloads to Azure. This will enable you to expand your capabilities and get out of the data center business so your limited IT resources can focus on more value added tasks for your organization.

This session will cover how Invero enabled their client’s, the CSL Group, migration to Azure from a co-location data center before the contract ended. We will discuss the client’s issues, reasons why they made the decision to exit their data center and move to Azure and how Invero has made this process quick and simple.

Who should attend:

  • IT Managers & Directors
  • Business Owners, Executives, and CIO’s
  • Companies that have data center contracts coming up for renewal