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Digitize your operations and improve productivity

As the mining sector expands into more remote places, supply chain efficiency has grown challenging. The mining sector is ripe for a digital transformation and cloud tech is an integral part. 

Take advantage of new technologies such as Azure Synapse, Power BBI and IoT to propel your organization into the future. With hundreds of additional data-sensitive firms (including healthcare and manufacturing) diving in, it’s becoming the standard for today’s sectors.

Common Problems and Solutions

  • Disconnected data sets make it troublesome to get a consolidated view of business operations for decision making and reporting
    • Solution: Implement cloud-based data warehouses in Azure (Azure Synapse, Azure Data Factory, Azure SQL Data Warehouse) that combine disparate data and produce data visualizations (Power BI).
  • Difficulty reporting on large datasets of time series data using traditional relational databases
    • Solution: Leverage data historians on-premises and Azure with data aggregation techniques & highly efficient data cubes to provide high-speed reporting even with large datasets.
  • Operational systems do not connect to corporate networks / has low-speed connectivity
    • Solution: Develop and implement a hybrid setup that combines intermediary systems, edge computing connecting the Azure IoT Hub and other Azure tools — creating digital twins of the on-premises devices in the cloud without exposing systems.
  • Expensive equipment costing the business money when unplanned downtime happens
    • Solution: Utilize IoT devices to collect and monitor information on operational systems. Then, leverage predictive analytics to optimize equipment efficiencies and manage maintenance schedules to maximize uptime.

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How Invero helps transformation within your organization

Who We Are

The Invero team are experts at maximizing the value of Microsoft Cloud for the Mining sector, such as Finning, Neptune Bulk Terminals, and Athabasca Oil. We are a Gold Microsoft Partner holding 2 Azure Advanced Specializations with over 10 years of cloud experience and the recipient of the Azure Partner of the Year Award.

What We Do

Focusing on your goals and vision above all, we base our digital solutions on equipping your organization for the Mining industry’s future. To untether you from the constraints of on premises infrastructures to leverage the elastic capacity and capabilities of the cloud.

What Our Clients Say


One of the key things for success is that there is no ‘us’ and ‘them’. We’re one team trying to deliver to this platform. If you go to a meeting with multiple people, you don’t know who is from which team.

– Pablo Garcia: Software Development Lead,

Neptune Bulk Terminals

Invero brought a disciplined and comprehensive approach to the project—they held us accountable, produced useful documentation and delivered a framework for data analysis and visualization that we continue to build on.

– Carmine Hendren: Senior Reliability Engineer,
Neptune Bulk Terminals

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