Join us on June 27, 2024 @ 10am PT / 1pm ET to learn about how to address the rising costs of VMWare licensing and what options you have to keep them under control.

Since the acquisition of VMWare by Broadcom, there has been lots of noise in the industry about licensing changes that are causing some customers to see their VMWare licensing costs rise significantly. Within our customer base, it has not been uncommon to see these costs rise by 3 times, but there have been documented cases of companies seeing 10 times if they were buying their licensing through the VMware Virtual Cloud Service Provider (VCSP) program.

In this episode of The Invero Show, we will explore a number of options that we are guiding customers on in order to keep their IT budgets in check. There is no reason why a company should just accept these cost increases as a normal course of business, there are options and it’s important to arm yourself with all of the information available before locking yourself into a potentially costly multi-year agreement with VMWare.


  • Presentation by Microsoft on Azure VMWare Solution (AVS)
  • Presentation by Invero on alternative options to VMWare
  • Facilitated Round Table Discussion between Microsoft and Invero