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Why Modernize Your Data Center?

Are you thinking about renewing your present data center contract, or are you dreading an approaching server hardware refresh? Why choose the traditional route of hosting yourself or at a co-lo facility? Instead, consider updating your workloads by transferring them to Azure. Modernize your data center so that it can be scalable, flexible, and fast.

Why modernize now?

Modern company success needs a modern infrastructure. However, with increased worries about money, security, fast-changing technology, and overextended resources, many businesses are experiencing ‘analytical paralysis’ while attempting data center modernization ambitions.

But, 2020 taught us that anything can change in a short period. Your ability to adapt is what will count.

With Invero’s support, you can prioritize your data center budget expenditures to ensure a successful modernization path. With a consistent architecture, every application (conventional or cloud-native) in any environment (on-premises, public cloud or edge) may be supported by a flexible platform.

Do you have these challenges?

1. Workload placement

Public cloud services are being used by an increasing number of enterprises, but not every service is suitable for every application. Some enterprises need low-latency apps and data that the public cloud cannot provide. Different infrastructures in private and public clouds sometimes necessitate the architecture of current applications.

2. Slow infrastructure deployment

When IT organizations fail to deliver cloud-like agility using on-premises technology, business stakeholders may be forced to use workarounds, resulting in shadow IT. As a result, many clouds with vastly different infrastructures and operational needs.

3. On-premises and public cloud silos

Inconsistent infrastructure, rules, and technologies contribute to the corporate IT environment complexity. Monitoring, troubleshooting, networking, protecting data, conducting backups, doing audits, and maintaining compliance are critical, but keeping on top of all of these is considerably more difficult when IT teams must deal with distinct on-premises and cloud infrastructures.

How do we break these barriers?

Example of challenges an organization will face: 

  • An organization was not getting service levels met from their incumbent data center co-lo provider with some requests taking more than 10 days to respond. 
  • Contract with their current provider was up for renewal in a couple of months and they don’t want to renew.

The solutions Invero can give:

  • Invero can propose an aggressive migration schedule to do a straight lift-and-shift from their co-lo provider.
  • Leveraging the Azure Migration and Modernization Program (AMMP) and Invero’s managed services, Invero can get over 60% of the migration project total cost covered by Microsoft while providing higher service levels than the former provider.

The big truth

In this 2020 research from The Enterprise Strategy Group, organizations on the bleeding edge of cloud management consistency achieve outcomes that greatly exceed expectations in a multitude of areas across the whole responder base.

  • For example, nearly all manufacturers – 89% – believe enhanced cloud management consistency would allow personnel to focus on other projects and save time
  • In addition, cloud leaders have freed up 70.5 person-hours per week for more strategic projects and finish 19% more cloud projects on or under budget.

Overcome obstacles with data center modernization

Modernizing your data center allows you to get the most out of your overall infrastructure. You can manage previously segregated infrastructures as a single entity by eliminating silos, giving cloud-like features to your on-premises system. Combining these formerly distinct pieces into a unified, software-defined, and integrated platform enables you to reap a slew of data center modernization advantages.

Join us in our webinar and connect with an expert

The benefits of data center modernization are clear. However, the road to modernizing a data center isn’t always an easy one. The complexity of applications, workloads, and the architectures on which they operate is increasing, as is the need to change. With our virtual session this Feb 3rd, you will have a better understanding of how you may broaden your capabilities and exit the data center game, allowing your limited IT staff to concentrate on more value-added duties for your firm. Or you can skip that and talk to an expert today.