Future of Cloud Assurance Accreditation
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Invero is an Accredited Cloud Assurance Alliance Partner

Invero is excited to announce that we have been officially accredited as a Cloud Assurance Alliance partner. Our team is grateful to be affiliated with a group that helps companies improve their cloud environments. 

What is the Cloud Assurance Alliance?

The Cloud Assurance Alliance (CAA) is an independent third body that works to ensure that companies who develop or manage public cloud systems are set up according to industry best practices and standards. This is why we are so excited to be a part of this fantastic partnership, and respond to the many executives who are concerned about the dependability of their cloud environment and rapid pace of change in the cloud industry.

Cloud Assurance Alliance

What is Invero’s role as a partner?

The CAA is backed by a network of partner members who fulfil the rigorous qualifications set by the CAA. This partnership ensures the highest quality of expertise and skills needed to conduct audits and provide the proper recommendations. After going through the CAA’s accreditation process, we are proud to be a certified partner that can conduct assessments for other organizations with the tools they provide. 

How do you compare cloud environments to the industry standards?

The CAA has developed methodologies and tools that Invero, as an accredited partner, can use to assess organizations’ cloud environments against industry best practices and standards. These industry best practices and standards are defined by the cloud industry as a whole, and contributing practitioners and partners that make up the Certified Well Architected Cloud™. 

Organizations that are interested in becoming certified can go through the Certified Well Architected Cloud™ program with us, and will receive: 

  • A comprehensive numerical rating in 5 key areas report 
  • Detailed actionable recommendations  
  • A certification badge
Azure Advisor Score

What can you do with the Certified Well Architected Cloud™ Report? 

You will get a bird’s-eye view of your cloud environment’s gaps, where you will need to improve, and next steps on how to enhance your environment. You can also proudly display this badge to top management, customers, investors, partners, and suppliers. This certification shows that your cloud environment meets the stringent standards and best practices around five key areas:  

  1. Security 
  1. Reliability 
  1. Cost-Optimization 
  1. Performance Efficiency 
  1. Operational Excellence 

Why are organizations getting certified?

Cost optimization, along with security are noteworthy and common concerns for every company. This certification gives companies peace of mind knowing that their cloud environment was built with the most secure, reliable, and cost-effective practices.  

Working under a certification system enhances the efficiency of its personnel and operations, as well as the quality of its goods or services. Certified firms know they are held to a higher standard while establishing or maintaining an organization’s cloud environment. Furthermore, being certified by a recognized approved partner increases customer trust in the value, quality, and security of certified cloud-related products and services. 

Get certified with us today.

We want to be a CAA partner that holds your organization to a higher standard; enhancing your cloud environment in a more secure, reliable, cost-effective, and efficient way. We wish to provide your organization, and your consumers the peace of mind that your cloud environment poses no risk of being on the public cloud. Click here for more information of getting accredited, certified, and assessed.