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Change the Game with Azure DevOps

Sprint to the finish line 

Many projects are treated like marathons, long timelines where you gradually work towards an end goal. However, in software development, disruption is constant. You need to be able to adapt to the changing needs of your clients with optimism and efficiency. So, the question is, how do you sprint a development marathon? 

The answer: Azure DevOps. 

For any company looking to increase customer value and efficiency in software/design teams, Azure DevOps helps to rework your workflow in a rapidly changing world.  

But what is Azure DevOps?  

Microsoft’s Software as a Service (SaaS) offers a unified platform that enables development teams to work efficiently as they create new products and infrastructures. The added bonus: it’s just one of the many services offered by Azure, so if you’re already using the platform, you can plug into one of the many benefits it offers. 

Within Azure DevOps, there are several services that make up the matrix of the SaaS platform including: 

  • Azure Boards: This covers agile planning, work item tracking, visualization, and reporting tools. 
  • Azure Pipelines: This is a language platform, and cloud-agnostic CI/CD platform with support for containers or Kubernetes. 
  • Azure Repos: This offers a cloud-hosted private Git repository, with pull requests, advanced file management, and other benefits. 
  • Azure Artifacts: The artifacts in question provide developers with integrated package management, including support for Maven, npm, Python, and NuGet package feeds from either public or private sources. 
  • Azure Test Plans: This service provides an integrated, all-in-one planned, and exploratory testing solution. 

It’s time to change the game

As a DevOps team, you also foster an Agile work culture. You maintain an iterative workflow, learning from your mistakes and quickly implementing changes. At the end of the day, all these services and approaches come together to help you and your organization increase value and efficiency. Some of the many benefits of Azure DevOps are: 

  1. Collaboration – Breaking down your work into smaller stages facilitates dialogue and rapid teamwork. 
  1. Continuous Delivery — When you’re agile you can easily return to the drawing board. This Continuous Implementation/Continuous Development (CI/CD) approach reduces cost, shortens timelines, and multiplies your successes. 
  1. Platform Agnostic — Azure DevOps reads all platforms; experience fluid integration between apps. 
  1. Reliability and Security — With your workflows embedded in Azure cloud services, security is taken care of. 
  1. Adaptability — By keeping your team aligned and agile, no challenge will impede your workflow. Using a DevOps workflow also makes it easier to pull in additional talent, as budgets and time commitments are planned around stages.

Rewrite your story with Azure DevOps

For clients like Finning, integrating a CI/CD approach was crucial to their growth as a company. With a vast amount of data at their disposal, and a global market to accommodate, Finning needed an agile approach to software development. Invero introduced them to Azure DevOps and the CI/CD pipeline to manage customer data and tailor their services on the fly. Finning now saves an estimated $100,000 for every build and has significantly reduced strain on their IT departments. 

Is your company struggling to keep up with the competition? A DevOps approach to your development pipeline will save time, money, and people, so you can take on bigger challenges in the market. Find out more by contacting us today, and let’s take your operations to the next level.