Cloud consultant deploys Azure Sentinel for database security.
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Azure for Security: Keeping Data Locked and Seamless

Keep Your Successes Close 

As a PaaS, Azure tackles everything from scalability to database management and efficient workflows — but it’s Azure for security that you want in your toolbox. One benefit of managing your data through Azure is enhanced monitoring and insights into potential threats before they happen. Security information and event management (SIEM) is crucial to any company with high operation costs. This is especially the case for companies with small IT teams. Azure is a tool of the future, utilizing cutting-edge research in AI to keep companies safe while they tackle larger business goals. 

How does Azure achieve this?   

Through a combination of software, such as Azure Sentinel and Azure Monitor. 

Develop Smarter Workflows with Machine Learning  

Azure Sentinel is one of the best automated security services available. With machine learning and built-in orchestration, Sentinel dynamically surveys your cloud infrastructure for potential threats and prioritizes cases. Moreover, Sentinel provides clear investigation panels, so you can spend less time addressing security cases. Some high-level perks of Azure Sentinel include: 

  • Streamlined data collection — Sentinel is fully integrated with other Azure apps, enabling it to gather info from all levels of your cloud infrastructure. 
  • Pre-emptive threat detection — Although threats are always increasing, the cumulative insights afforded by Microsoft’s innovations in machine learning enable Sentinel to see trends and detect threats before they emerge. 
  • User-friendly data aggregation and analysis — Machine learning enables Sentinel to adapt to ongoing threats, detecting anomalies so you can avoid treating false positives in your response. 
  • Reduced workloads for IT and management; with simplified investigations, your IT team will avoid alert burnout and stay focused on critical threats. 

Monitor from the Sidelines

A perfect complement to Azure Sentinel is Azure Monitor. This comprehensive software that surveys your applications — whether in the cloud or running on-site. With Azure Monitor, you can track multiple events from a centralized hub. This provides an array of benefits such as: 

  • Application Insights, which allow you to detect anomalies in web apps and see performance with telemetry data. 
  • VM insights (Virtual Machines) that store data and aggregates data for ease of use. 
  • Log Analytics, that drill into your monitoring data for troubleshooting and deep diagnostics. 
  • Visualizations with Azure dashboards and workbooks

Many organizations companies, from dairy co-operatives to innovative media firms Azure for security. Solutions like Azure Sentinel and Azure Monitor improve security in their internal processes. Despite the rising number of threats, organizations can maintain seamless access and collaboration between employees without compromising security. Internal communications and HR improve, while workloads on IT decrease so as to better focus on high business tasks.  

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