Go beyond with Azure Machine Learning and AI
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Azure AI Services — Transform Operations with Cutting-Edge Tech

Don’t Wait for the Inevitable.

Change is constant in industrial sectors, but Azure AI is here to help. Whether you have a narrow production timeline, a spike in demand for materials, or stakeholders around the globe relying on your products, you will always have to balance demand with upkeep and monitoring.  

So why not avoid additional work by using automation and artificial intelligence? 

If you already rely on Azure Cloud Service for security and scalability — look no further than Azure AI Services. The latest research in artificial intelligence gives Azure users an edge by predicting trends in data and equipment conditions, analyzing media, and ensuring accuracy in operations, among other incredible functionalities. 

Automated Intelligence in Every Capacity 

While Azure AI has many functions, two services are especially beneficial: Azure Cognitive Services and Azure Machine Learning.  

Azure Cognitive Services shines through in data collection and communication — both within and outside your organization. You may need to monitor batches of processed materials transported from the factory floor to freight containers, then ship platforms. Maybe you need an extra human touch to service ticket responses that fall outside the capacity of your sales team. Azure Cognitive Services offers five unique strategies to help: 

  • Speech — through transcription of audio, speech translation, and more 
  • Language — in sentiment analysis that results into conversational automated speech 
  • Vision — analysis and recognition of specific images according to the needs of your business, i.e., freight loads like global industrial and energy company MYTILINEOS 
  • Decision — detect anomalies and alert business owners with user friendly reports 
  • OpenAI Service — customize your AI models as you see fit  

See the Trends Beforehand 

With Azure Machine Learning, any quantity of data, no matter how large, can be broken-down and analyzed. Whether it’s user behaviour in thousands of clients, or anatomical irregularities in a patient’s X-ray, both can be easily contextualized by custom-build AI, tested in services like Azure Data Factory In addition, the integrated functionality of Azure means that your data sets will always be secure. 

For healthcare practitioners at UCLA, the synthesis between AI, health data, and security is crucial. This allows them to save time and rapidly diagnose health conditions. With their AI and X-ray data on the cloud, no legacy systems are needed to input data, analyze, and then export it to a different platform.  
When you choose Azure as your platform for data or machine learning models, you choose a fully integrated product. Interested in using this ecosystem to your advantage? Reach out and let’s talk! Invero has years of experience modernizing workflows, and the potential to work with AI is right within your reach.