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With the Healthcare sector currently experiencing a technological transformation toward an information-centric and consumer-driven care delivery paradigm. Previously confined technologies aimed at fostering cooperation and teamwork in this sphere are now experiencing a welcome boom. 

The cloud offers the technology necessary for healthcare systems to access more sophisticated technical capabilities and enhanced collaboration opportunities for such data. Take advantage of new technologies such as AI, Machine Learning, Analytics and IoT to propel your organization into the future.

A recent study by the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) discovered that 83% of IT executives already make use of cloud technology. Optimize your digital operations and shift to a performance-driven way of working that leverages the power of the cloud today.


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How Invero helps transformation within your organization

What We Do

Focusing on your goals and vision above all, we base our digital solutions on equipping your organization for the Healthcare industry’s future to untether you from the constraints of on premises storage and compute to leverage the elastic capacity and capabilities of the cloud. We pride ourselves on delivering substantial, strategic outcomes. Moreover, we foster accountability and ownership on our mission to power your business growth, performance and digital transformation. Let us be your guide on your path to digital transformation and leading in the digital age.

Who We Are

The Invero team are experts at maximizing the value of Microsoft Cloud for the Healthcare sector, such as BC Cancer, Interior Health, Vancouver Coastal Health, and Multi-Health Systems, among others. We are a Gold Microsoft Partner with over 10 years of cloud experience and the recipient of the Microsoft Azure Partner of the Year Award.

Offerings and Advantages

  • Azure for Healthcare empowers you to deliver better health insights and outcomes as you enhance patient engagement, empower health team collaboration, and improve clinical informatics—with trusted cloud capabilities. 
  • With  Azure AI & Machine Learning, you can deliver improved health results with customized, preventative treatment and intelligent systems driven by validated, safe, and responsible AI. To pave the way to smart healthcare, you can collect, store, process, evaluate, and envision clinical and operational data of any variety using Azure Analytics.  
  • To complement Azure Machine Learning, Azure API for FHIR accelerates machine learning, secures safe health data storage, and enables the stable sharing of health data within a global ecosystem. Within that global infrastructure, utilizing Azure IoT allows the connection of health devices and tools to the cloud using healthcare solutions to gain real-time insights and enable system interoperability.
  • Finally, gain peace of mind with Azure Security from the edge to the cloud, and retain advantage above threats with intelligent surveillance tools driven by powerful AI. 

What Our Clients Say

BC Cancer Research Centre

We’re confident that once we put our data in Azure, we can trust it to be there not only in a month or year, but in five and ten years. We need to have a reliable digital snapshot because our data is precious and irreproducible.

– Daniel Lai: Senior Bioinformatics Scientist,
BC Cancer

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