Using Invero’s capabilities and expertise, this Canadian Energy company made their cloud migration seamless, cost-effective and easy by implementing a repeatable lift-and-shift approach.
This Major Canadian Energy Corporation is a differentiated Canadian energy company focused on sustainable resource development of thermal and light oil assets.
Headquarters:  Calgary, AB, Canada
About oil sands:  Alberta's oil sands are the third-largest proven crude oil reserve in the world, next to Saudi Arabia and Venezuela.
Heavy industry workers benefit from streamlined process with implemented cloud strategy


Enabling a Faster, Less Labour-Intensive Migration to the Cloud

Using Invero’s capabilities and expertise, a Canadian Energy Company made their cloud migration seamless, cost-effective and easy by implementing a repeatable lift-and-shift approach.

In response to the oil market collapse, oil and gas leaders are being forced to consider new ways to adapt to the needs and safety of their people, adjust business operations and models, and satisfy evolving customer demands so they can ultimately return to stability and eventually, growth. In the short term, they must determine what immediate actions need to be taken to survive this turbulent period—including measures to conserve cash by reducing large, regular IT infrastructure investments such as data centres.

To make this happen, this Canadian Energy Company needed a digital innovation partner to guide them on:

  • A low-risk method for “lifting” applications from their on-premises data centre and “shifting” them as-is to the cloud to deliver immediate cost savings and eliminate overhead.
  • How to open paths to IT modernization now by moving to an open and more extensible model—Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS).
  • Ways to run their enterprise workloads and business operations without interruption, securely and efficiently in the cloud.

Finning team meeting with Invero to discuss Azure solution


Quickly Gain Agility and Scale with an Expert-Led Migration

Our Approach
  • Leverage a proven cloud migration approach, use migration tools and assessments to accelerate the process and move with assurance.
  • Provide an expert team available to give advice and help reorganize architecture for cloud deployment—with security and compliance needs in mind.
  • Simplify the migration process by not requiring application and architecture changes (also known as rehosting), migrating workloads to dedicated virtual machines (VMs) and keeping management and monitoring interfaces the same.
Technology Used
  • Azure Migrate
  • Azure Database Migration Service
  • Azure Virtual Machines


Reduced On-Premises Data Centre Costs and Headaches for the Business

Fast, Cost-Effective Migration

The lift-and-shift migration approach let this energy company migrate quickly—without dedicating a large team to the task. Because the on-premises application remains in place during migration, there’s also no interruption in service.

Cloud Elasticity

The company can match the resources allocated with the actual number of resources needed—spinning up and down resources to match demand accurately. This unlocks further savings for them in a challenging economic environment.

Enhanced Security

Once migrated, applications can take advantage of role-based access control (RBAC), multifactor authentication and unified security processes. The Canadian Energy company has taken a first step that will set them up for future success in the cloud and allowing them to transform at their own pace.

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