The CSL Group Inc. (CSL) is a 100-year-old, world-leading maritime shipping company.
Headquarters:  Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Continents of Operation:  Americas, Australia, Asia, Europe


Modernizing their Data Center

CSL needed to embark on a digital transformation journey because:

  • Their contract with the prior provider was up for renewal in 4 months, and CSL didn’t want to renew because they knew they wanted to leverage the cloud.
  • The inflexibility from their incumbent data center co-lo provider; some requests taking 10 days to get a response/resolution.
  • They had several data silos that existed across their business, including 5 ERPs and multiple operational and corporate IT platforms that lacked data connectivity.
  • Company’s decisions were not always able to be made with a complete picture of the organization.
  • Numerous data elements were missing and there was no comprehensive method of protecting data from being accessed by people who shouldn’t.


Integrating with CSL’s Team to Deliver Faster Together

Our Approach
  • Propose a 3-month migration schedule to do a straight lift-and-shift from their co-lo provider
  • Leverage the Azure Migration and Modernization Program (AMMP) to have over 60% of the total migration cost funded by Microsoft
  • Implement our managed services and disaster recovery solution to provide higher service levels and business continuity
Technology Used
  • Azure Migrate & Movere
  • Azure Site Recovery

The Results

A Modern Data Estate with Endless Possibilities

Evolving Partnership

What began as a single initiative, has now evolved into a tight-knit partnership between Invero and CSL. Following the first migration to a fully cloud-hosted environment in 6 months rather than years, CSL became an Invero managed services client. As such, we have become their trusted advisor on all things Microsoft Cloud. We are the first vendor they go to for advice and assistance on Microsoft cloud technologies because they trust we will always deliver.

$100,000+ in Funding

At no additional cost to the client, Invero was able to relocate 3 times as many virtual machines across 3 data centers compared with what CSL initially contemplated moving as a result of their data center contract renewal. We were able to achieve this by leveraging a higher funding tier inside Microsoft’s AMMP program. CSL eventually received an additional ~$75,000 in funding compared with what the original scope . Invero ended up doing 3x as much work for CSL and it cost them about 10% less than the original budget thanks to the AMMP program.