Leveraging Invero’s breadth of experience, tools and accelerators, BCI measured their network health and created a unified approach to management, automation and security.
BC Investment Management Corporation (BCI) is a leading provider of investment services to BC’s public sector with a mandate to grow and protect the long-term value of their clients’ funds.
Headquarters:  Victoria, BC, Canada
Number of Clients:  More than 630,000 pension plan beneficiaries and 2.5 million BC workers.
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Successfully Prepare the Network for the Migration to the Cloud

The forward-thinking digital leaders at BCI knew they had to manage their transition to the cloud proactively. While they understood the importance of cloud computing for a digital business, they recognized that the cloud could only perform as well as the organization’s network infrastructure. For BCI and other companies preparing to embark on a cloud strategy, aligning the network to the needs of the cloud is a critical first step. But building a cloud-ready network is complicated—especially for IT teams that lack the required cloud networking expertise.

To do this, BCI needed a digital innovation partner to collaborate with them to:

  • Review current and future state network requirements to determine the best route to effective, high-availability cloud network architecture.
  • Design network security architecture to control access to critical data and high-value systems within the organization.
  • Implement monitoring and prevention tools to uncover potential security risks and provide assurance to senior leadership.
  • Enable the successful delivery of network services for applications to protect end-users from downtime, enable mobility and improve business resiliency.


Gain Consensus and Shared Understanding of Cloud Networking Requirements

Our Approach
  • Deliver customized workshops using Microsoft Teams to get a detailed picture of the current state and future requirements of the network and help BCI determine the best way forward to optimize their network for the cloud – that’s supported by the team.
  • Advise on options for secure integrated network architecture and provide a prioritized list of activities to implement the cloud-ready network.
  • Provide guidance on best practices—how successful digital businesses operate to highlight areas where BCI could improve. Build commitment to work together to further the cloud journey.
Technology Used
  • Azure Virtual Network
  • Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD)
  • Azure Virtual Wide Area Network (WAN/SDWAN)
  • Azure ExpressRoute
  • Azure Front Door
  • Azure Web Application Firewall
  • Azure Monitor
  • Azure Sentinel


Accelerate the Secure Delivery of Applications and Services to Connected Devices Anywhere

Data Security

At BCI, data security is a central concern. With cloud network infrastructure, they have Microsoft’s assurance and built-in protections across identity, network, data and tools. They can extend their on-premise network to the cloud using secure site-to-site VPN or a dedicated Azure ExpressRoute connection.


With a distributed workforce due to COVID-19, BCI had to rethink how their network security was delivered. By leveraging Azure ExpressRoute connections, their services don’t go over the public internet, offer more reliability, faster speeds and lower latencies than typical internet connections.

Design Assurance

By having a third-party review their design, BCI can highlight issues early and implement timely mitigations to get the cloud right the first time. This early assessment lends confidence to leaders and proactively addresses any problems in delivering digital services to citizens.