Invero engaged BCI’s infrastructure specialists and developers in customized workshops and hands-on labs to help them automate software delivery, modernize IT and meet growing business needs.
BC Investment Management Corporation (BCI) is a leading provider of investment services to BC’s public sector with a mandate to grow and protect the long-term value of their clients’ funds.
Headquarters:  Victoria, BC, Canada
Number of Clients:  More than 630,000 pension plan beneficiaries and 2.5 million BC workers.


Ease the Migration to On-Demand, Cloud-Based Infrastructure

As part of an effort to accelerate their move to the cloud, BCI’s IT team needed to simplify development by unifying people, processes and products and provide continuous value to end-users.

They wanted to make the most out of the cloud by combining their software development and operations—what’s commonly referred to as DevOps.

Their primary goals were to shorten the development life cycle, increase deployment frequency and release reliable products that meet business requirements.

To do this, BCI needed a digital solution to enable them to:

  • Bridge their skills in Azure DevOps—the Microsoft cloud-hosted suite of services for DevOps teams—and apply these skills in a safe environment.
  • Bring teams together (developers and infrastructure) to create business applications, and together deploy and manage the infrastructure required.
  • Use the latest technologies and scalable frameworks to move at a higher velocity and swiftly provision digital platforms in the cloud.
  • Ensure that new configurations are stable and safe for deployment and create consistent results on every run.


Learn and Apply the Skills to Develop and Deliver Digital Solutions Swiftly

Our Approach
  • Deliver Invero’s proprietary Azure DevOps Adoption Framework which includes customized workshops using Microsoft Teams to upskill the team in Azure DevOps workflow—Azure Boards for work planning, Azure Repos for tracking changes and Azure Pipelines for continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD)—as well as development frameworks and best practices.
  • Accelerate readiness for DevOps adoption amongst teams through hands-on learning using Microsoft Labs.
  • Implement an automation platform to turn the infrastructure to code—version code, create code consistently and test code automatically—in minutes.
  • Build cooperation and trust by unifying the process and aligning the team towards common goals.
Technology Used
  • Azure DevOps
  • Azure Boards
  • Azure Pipelines
  • Azure Repos
  • Azure Test Plans
  • Azure Artifacts
  • Visual Studio
  • Terraform
  • Microsoft Labs
  • Azure Application Insights
  • Azure Key Vault


Keeping BCI at the Forefront of a Fast-Changing and Demanding Market


BCI can deliver solutions much faster than they ever could before with tight integration across the deployment pipeline (CI/CD), work tracking and source code repository. Their unified DevOps team now delivers code and infrastructure in minutes—not weeks.


BCI is subject to considerable legislation and regulation as a crown corporation, so their digital platforms must be safe and dependable. The intensive and automated testing in Azure DevOps dramatically reduces the chances for delays and errors.

Digital Innovation

Since they’ve adopted DevOps, BCI has addressed problems such as manual processes, legacy systems and tools, organizational silos, infrequent updates and regulatory burdens that enable them to deliver innovations for their business. They’re set up for continued success in their journey to the cloud.