BCA engaged Invero to fast-track their cloud adoption journey to meet immediate digital business demands.
The BC Assessment Authority (BCA) is a crown corporation developing and maintaining real property assessments throughout British Columbia, including real and trusted property information in alignment with the Assessment Act. Established in 1974, they are recognized as a global leader in property assessment services.
Headquarters:  Victoria, BC, Canada
Revenue:  Over $7.5 billion in revenue for BC communities
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Get Definition and Alignment on the Journey into the Cloud

Following the Government of Canada’s “cloud-first” strategy, recent changes to the BC Freedom of Information and Protection Privacy Act (FOIPPA) allow public sector organizations like BC Assessment to keep pace with technology and unlock the power of the cloud in a significant way—granting them faster access to innovation and improved digital services for citizens.

To help make their journey to the cloud a swift, secure and smooth transition, BCA engaged Invero to create a holistic, enterprise-wide strategy, effective cloud governance and calculate the value of their cloud investments. A key driver at BCA for cloud adoption is the need to move from managing expensive, aging and on-site assets to focus on new products and services to deliver value to citizens.

To make this happen, BCA needed a digital innovation partner to help them:

  • Document their cloud strategy and roadmap for execution to strike a balance between organizational priorities and stakeholder requirements.
  • Inform cloud governance by undertaking a detailed assessment of all existing and planned infrastructure and applications.
  • Map out enterprise architecture and technology—right-size it and optimize it—to deliver the intended outcomes and benefits.
  • Create readiness for the change by bridging gaps in skills and competencies, and impact and cultural change by establishing a cloud centre of excellence (CCoE).

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Create a Strategic Plan and Financial Model for Cloud Infrastructure

Our Approach
  • Leverage a proven approach, practical tools and best practices to fast track the cloud journey and generate a detailed list of tangible, actionable recommendations.
  • Combine automated assessments with a series of workshops to identify IT assets’ current state, evaluate people and process readiness, and define BCA’s unique cloud strategy.
  • Build the cloud environment with a smaller Azure Landing Zone prepared to host a few workloads and scale it by adding governance, management and support.
  • Create a financial model for cloud transformation to represent the full business value and produce consistent, reliable cost reporting.
Technology Used
  • Movere
  • Azure Migrate Server
  • Azure Landing Zones


Poised to Become a Leading-Edge Service Provider within the Government

Improve Agility & Speed

Change is less burdensome for BCA because their cloud strategy enables them to react quickly, implement smoothly and efficiently and align stakeholders. They can acquire capability, capacity and applications without the expenses and effort that currently exist.

cost optimization

Cost Reduction & Control

Operating in a cloud environment will generate cost savings from paying only for the resources being consumed, taking advantage of economies of scale, and offering more capability for less investment. BCA’s cloud financial model allows them to track expenses, establish chargebacks and integrate cost controls into their future plans.

Enable Innovation

Moving to the cloud democratizes the ability to test great ideas and bring them to life—surfacing opportunities for BCA to move into new industries, transform citizen experiences and forge new business models.

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